If you want to show any Welcome message who visits your website first, then it’s the PlugIn that you are looking for. It will greet visitor with message “Hi, You’ve visited this page for the first time. Welcome …” Not only that, it will remember visitor’s visiting time and will show different Welcome Back message at every next time saying (Example) “Hi, You’ve visited this page 14 times. Welcome back! Your last visit was on Tues, Jul 3, 2018 04:06:52 PM …........”

  • The WordPress PlugIn will automatically match with your Theme’s color, button, style. Visitor will think it as the part of your theme. If you use this PlugIn in different themes, you will feel the change
  • Easy Installation! Insert into Home Page by PageBuilder
  • No coding knowledge or expertise required! You will not have to use any short-code or to edit settings
  • Freedom! If you want, after activation of the PlugIn, Simply go to Appearance > Widgets, and drag the PlugIn into any widgetized area like sidebar or footer
  • Mobile Responsive
  • The WordPress PlugIn takes very low space in hosting

  • This PlugIn does not track browser’s IP or does not keep any record in web server. If the visitor deletes browser’s cache within 730 days of visit, then that specific visitor will see again Welcome message (not the Welcome Back message) at next visit.
  • It is recommended that you will insert the PlugIn only in Home Page

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