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Become an Affiliate

You may earn more than 40 USD per sale. Yes! We are selling some of our products on Gumroad marketplace. If you help us to sell our products, you will get a commission.

Gumroad is a marketplace where people can sell mainly digital products by opening stores, and buyers around the world buy those products. You can become a Gumroad affiliate to earn commission by helping sellers to sell. But, you have no option to be a Gumroad Affiliate directly. You will have to sign up separately to sell any specific store's product. We will be very happy if you sign up to be our affiliate.

Here are our products to affiliate ...

Mentioned 7 links above are normal links, not for you. You will get your personalized affiliate links in email, when the "Step 3" is completed.

Step 1 :

Create a Gumroad Account. Go to and create an account just like other people. This is a normal process for buyer, seller and affiliates.

Step 2 :

Now go to this special link to sign up to be Dear Store's affiliate co-branded with Gumroad.

Step 3 :

After reading your letter, we will approve you as our Affiliate. You will receive an email with more details and personalized affiliate links. Beside that you will get all personalized affiliated links here:



Before you start, you may be interested to know more - how Gumroad works. Not mandatory, but you may read these ...