Some people don't share via share tool. They download image and text, and upload it using own name. This PlugIn makes the process tough for ordinary users to copy text and image from the site. If you want to protect your website's content from theft, it's the best WordPress PlugIn for you

CopyProof WordPress Website : Only PlugIn activation is enough to make whole website copy-proof

Try here, test live! This specific page is copy-protected. You can't copy anything from this page.

  • Text drag and drop will not be possible (Minimize the window, and try to drag text to Ms Word)
  • Image drag and drop will not be possible (Try to drag the above photo Desktop, minimizing the window)
  • Image download by clicking right button is impossible (Try on above photo)
  • If anyone takes screenshot, will get 72 dpi, not 300 dpi (Take screenshot, and paste to MS Paint, it's 72 dpi.)
  • Disables Ctrl+s to save web-page as local file
  • Disables Ctrl+u and F12 to see the source code
  • Disables keys Ctrl+a, Ctrl+x and Ctrl+v
  • Disables Ctrl + c button in keyboard to copy anything, even Ctrl+f
  • Disables On-Screen keyboard for copy command (Do you have any on-screen keyboard? For windows, click on Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access > On-Screen Keyboard)
  • Disables right click for copy command (but URL will not be blocked)

This "CopyProof WordPress Website" PlugIn disables Print Command by 'Ctrl+p' for your content safety. But you can provide any option like "Print" button, if you want to let user print any page. Try above!

Why Special?

  • AdSense friendly.
  • It does not have have any negative effect for website speed.
  • No Pop-up message or notification, works from background.
  • Search Engines can read website.
  • The PlugIn covers 99.99% guarantee. It ensures more protection than any other PlugIn of the WordPress history.
  • No coding knowledge required, No short-code required, No settings required! Only PlugIn activation will make home page, page, post, product page copyprooof. Everything!

Note !