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Free WordPress PlugIn for CopyProof Website

This specific page is copy-protected. You can't copy anything from this page. Try here, test live!

You can also make your whole WordPress website copy-protected. Some people don't share via share tool. They copy text, and re-use using own name. This PlugIn makes the process tough for ordinary thieves to copy text from the site. If you want to protect your website's text content from theft, it's the best plugin for you.

Download WordPress PlugIn (Free version):

Why special?
  • 100% Free
  • AdSense-friendly
  • Search Engines can read website
  • No need to edit settings. Only PlugIn activation is enough to make whole website copy-proof (Although only this specific page is designed as copy-protected, not the whole website, that you can test mentioned features live)

Who can use?

Anyone! You can use it any WordPress website. But this PlugIn is helpful especially for News site or Article based site, who want to minimize content theft.